June 14th is World Blood Donor Day, when we thank voluntary blood donors for their valuable contributions

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on the 14th of June. The international day raises awareness of the importance of blood donation and thanks blood donors for their contributions.

Elli Malinen sitting on the bed in hospital.

Blood transfusions are often life-saving, and cannot be replaced with medicines. Blood products made from donated blood are used to treat many different diseases. Each year, tens of thousands of patients receive the help they need from blood donated by volunteers. One of them is Elli Malinen, a student from Vantaa.

– I suffer from haemolytic anaemia caused by a genetic defect, which means that my red blood cells break down faster than usual. Currently, there is no effective treatment for my disease and I receive red blood cells to help me feel better once or twice a month, says Elli.

– Receiving red blood cells helps me to feel better physically. For example, I’m better able to see my friends, live independently, and do things that feel meaningful to me.”

In addition to studying, Elli Malinen serves as an experience expert and peer support for young patients and aims to raise awareness of coping with illness at a young age, such as on her Instagram account Sairastellen.

– “When I can cope and my symptoms allow me to do more than just sleep, I also feel better mentally. Because of my illness, my resources are limited: I have to go to the hospital a lot and I’m studying at a slower pace. Without help from blood donors, I would hardly be able to study at all,” says Malinen.

– “I would like to thank everyone who donates blood. Although I have needed red blood cells regularly over the past few years, every bag I have received has been meaningful and has always helped me to move forward,” she adds.

Celebrating World Blood Donor Day with special services – non-alcoholic Pisara beer is back

On World Blood Donor Day, the popular, non-alcoholic Pisara beer for donors will return to all blood donor points. The gluten-free and alcohol-free beer will be offered to all blood donors and will be available in limited quantities over the summer. On Friday, all Blood Service locations will also serve cake or other special refreshments.

We are celebrating World Blood Donor Day by hosting a thank you event on Friday the 14th of June from 1.00-3.00pm at Kansalaistori in Helsinki. At the event, we will be offering the  Pisara beer to everyone who has ever donated blood. There will also be a DJ playing music, and the Blood Donation Bus will be at the event. You can donate blood without an appointment on the bus. Welcome!


Last modified: 13.06.2024