Biobank services for researchers

The Blood Service Biobank collects samples and data for research purposes from blood donors from all over Finland who have given their consent. Our collection of samples and related data can be released for high-quality scientific studies or product development approved by our organisation.

Person handling Blood Service Biobank samples in a laboratory.

​Our aim is to support and facilitate ethically acceptable high-quality scientific research and product development within the Biobank’s research area by providing researchers a comprehensive collection of first-class material.

Our large base of donors, all of whom meet the blood donation criteria, together with the Blood Service’s strict quality requirements, serves to ensure the high quality of our sample collection.

What we offer for researchers

  • A constantly continuously expanding collection
  • High-quality samples and data from all areas of Finland
  • Samples selected based on factors such as genotype, provided fresh or frozen
  • Fresh samples as early as under 24 hours from donation
  • Sample collection to meet research needs
  • Longitudinal samples
  • Expert services.

Our unique service

We provide fresh cells for research purposes, selected based on genetic variants or HLA type, from the whole of Finland within 24 hours!

You can find out more about this special service in Nature Communications.

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Overseen by the Finnish Medicines Agency, the Blood Service Biobank acts in compliance with the Finnish Biobank Act. We also adhere to official requirements and to the Blood Service’s quality system: our processes are validated and controlled and follow the relevant instructions, and all our activities are traceable.

Samples are collected, transported, processed and stored in accordance with Blood Service’s instructions. The blood collected for use as a Biobank sample meets the criteria set for blood collected for use in patients.

The Biobank data set is processed securely in a controlled environment. Our data systems are validated and controlled. Data, whether personal or otherwise, is only processed by authorised, specially trained persons. Data is processed in compliance with the Finnish Data Protection Act and stored in compliance with the Finnish Archives Act.

We’re constantly developing our activities, and our customers have the chance to influence how by giving us feedback.


The Blood Service Biobank collects samples and information from blood donors who have joined the Biobank. So far, we’ve collected samples from over 67,000 blood donors.

Biobank samples have been collected from all over Finland. Donors typically donate blood more than once, and samples can be collected for the Biobank from donors who have joined the Biobank every time they donate blood.

Donors must meet the health requirements for blood donation, and many donors are adults of working age. Donors need to be between 18 and 70 years of age and feeling healthy and well. If a medical condition has been diagnosed, it must be well-controlled and medicated. Certain medications and medical conditions may disqualify would-be donors from donating blood either temporarily or permanently.

Click on the link below to read more about blood donation criteria.

Blood donor eligibility

Our services

Our experts will be available throughout the process to help you with anything you may need, such as completing an application for material.

Our unique material includes longitudinal samples and an extensive collection of samples from healthy donors from the whole of Finland. The material is well representative of the adult population in Finland. Most donors can be invited to participate in a new study or sample collection.

Samples can be delivered fresh or frozen, and express sample processing is also possible (less than 4 hours from sampling). Depending on the needs of your research project, we’re able to carry out tailored sample collections and deliver material based on factors such as phenotype or genotype. Material for research purposes can be selected from the Biobank based on particular criteria, such as specific health or demographic data.

Start your biobank application process

Due to staff shortage during the summer, we are unable to process new applications during July 2024, or release material between June 17th and July 30th. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our specialists are here to help

The best way to reach us is to email us at

Kimmo Pitkänen

PhD, Biobank director. The Blood Service Biobank’s person in charge and head of unit.

Satu Koskela

PhD, Docent of Immunogenetics, biobank specialist. Processing of applications for material use, use of genomic data returned from studies.

Mirva Ikonen

MSc, Public health nurse. Processing of applications for material use, customer collaboration.