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Finland’s first Blood Donation Bus will take the roads in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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Does your workplace allow you to donate blood during working hours? The Blood Service’s Workplace certificate is a concrete way to help patients and demonstrate social responsibility.

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Blood donation

It will not be possible to donate blood on Independence Day

The Blood Service will be closed on 6 December for Independence Day. Holidays that fall on weekdays increase the need for blood donors on other days of the month as patients still need blood products regardless of the holidays.

Blood donation

The Blood Service resumes plasma collection

It will soon be possible to donate plasma at the Blood Service when plasmapheresis will be resumed after a break of several years. There is a shortage of plasma raw material in Europe and the use of plasma-derived medicinal products is increasing. Plasma can be donated at the Blood Service’s new donation facility at Jumbo-Flamingo, to be opened in January.

Blood donation

The restriction on blood donation concerning men who have sex with men will be lifted on 4.12.

A regulation concerning sexual behaviour issued by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea will be introduced in blood donation on 4.12.2023. The regulation changes eligibility criteria to lift the separate ban on blood donation for men who have sex with men.

Blood donation

Blood Donation Bus soon calling at stops in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Soon, you will be able to give blood in new surroundings when the Blood Donation Bus rolls into town. The bus, designed specifically for blood donation, will tour the Helsinki metropolitan area, offering a new way to reach blood donors in addition to Blood Service centres and blood donation events.