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Blood donation

Proposal to change the deferral policy for MSM donors

The Blood Service is proposing to relax the deferral rule for men who have sex with men (MSM) so that a history of male-to-male sexual activity would no longer automatically disqualify a prospective blood donor. An official regulation to change the policy is being drafted at the moment.

Blood donation

Blood Service to open a donor centre in Vantaa next year

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) is set to open a donor centre in the Jumbo/Flamingo shopping and entertainment centre in Vantaa in early 2024. The new site will replace the Kivihaka donor centre in Helsinki. The Vantaa centre will cater for both conventional blood donation and thrombapheresis, which is a special technique for collecting platelets.

Blood donation

FRCBS Annual Report for 2022 published

The Blood Service Annual Report for 2022 has been published. You will find all the key figures and statistics concerning Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and an overview of the most important changes and events that took place last year.

Blood donation

Blood Service customer survey for first-time donors: Over 91% of new donors have an excellent customer experience

The Blood Service investigates donors’ customer experiences each year. Last year, almost 3200 first-time donors from all over Finland responded to the survey. According to the results, new blood donors have an excellent customer experience.

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