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Donate blood between 11 March and 31 May to win a stylish hoodie.

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Take a quick online test to find out whether you can donate blood or stem cells.

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Health questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire no earlier than the day before donation.

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Wear your donor status with pride!

Donate blood between 11 March and 31 May to win a stylish hoodie.

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Donate blood during working hours

Does your workplace allow you to donate blood during working hours? The Blood Service’s Workplace certificate is a concrete way to help patients and demonstrate social responsibility.

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Donor groups

Everything is more fun together, even donating blood!

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What happens to blood after donation? What are different blood groups?

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News and articles

Blood donation

The Blood Service is looking for people with a rare blood group – using a computer-based screening method

There are many more different blood groups than the eight basic blood groups taught in school biology textbooks. As the demographic structure changes, so does the need for donors. The Blood Service is…

Blood donation

Blood Service Kuopio moves to the Shopping Center Minna

At the end of 2024, the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service will open a new donation site on the second floor of the Shopping Center Minna. The current facilities on the other side of the market square in…

A young patient sits on the hospital bed in hospital clothes and looks into the camera.
Blood donation

We will need more blood donors than usual in the next few weeks

In the weeks in which May Day and Ascension Thursday fall, the Blood Service’s locations are only open for four days each week. We need more donors than usual on those days to ensure that we can help…

Blood donation

5 questions about blood donation and health

New blood donors are needed in order for Finland to have a sufficient amount of blood donors now as well as in the future to secure patient care. Many people considering donating blood need information…