Invitation to a assessment

As a member of the Stem Cell Registry, you may be invited to a assessment if preliminary tissue type assessments indicate you may be a compatible donor. The purpose of assessments is to establish whether your tissue type is compatible with the tissue of the patient and whether you are in sufficiently good health to make the donation.

If, after the assessments, you are found to be the most suitable donor, planning for the donation process proper begins.

What happens during assessments?

  1. Blood samples are taken
  2. An electronic health questionnaire is filled in

Stem Cell Registry coordinators always personally contact potential donors invited to assessments and provide detailed instructions.

What is in the health questionnaire?

  • Previous infections, operations and other procedures
  • Smoking, alcohol use and medication
  • Travel
  • Sexual activity and sexually transmitted infections

The purpose of these questions is to verify that the stem cell donation is safe, both for you and the severely ill patient.