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Blood products

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) is centrally responsible for Finland’s national blood service functions. The gift from an unnamed donor is processed into blood products at the Vehkala Blood Centre in Vantaa.

Blood products

Laboratory services

The Blood Service offers laboratory tests and assays to hospitals, health care centres, clinics and private laboratories, and performs the donor and blood product testing needed in the Blood Service’s own operations.

Laboratory services

Blood transfusions

Instructions for blood transfusions: Preparing for a transfusion, checking the blood product, identifying the patient and documentation and tracability.


Report an adverse event

Instructions for reporting an adverse event of a blood transfusion and sending the necessary samples.


For Maternity Clinics

​The Blood Service performs all antenatal blood group typings and blood group antibody screenings in Finland.

For Maternity Clinics

Stem Cell Registry

The Blood Service maintains the Finnish Stem Cell Registry that has over 65 000 volunteer donors that have agreed to donate blood stem cells for patients in need of transplantation.

For Transplant Centers and Stem Cell Registries

Advanced Cell Therapies

The Blood Service develops and manufactures new advanced cell therapy products (ATMP) and provides tissue engineering services for Finnish health care providers. We are also active in research in the field of novel advanced cell therapy products.

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