Can I donate?

The majority of Finns of blood donation age are suitable as blood donors. On this page you can find information about the basic requirements and most common restrictions for donating blood.

A blood donor's hand with a question mark on a bandage sticker.

To be eligible to donate blood, you must

  • be in good health and feel good
  • be aged between 18 and 70. You can donate for the first time until the age of 59 and, after you have turned 66, you can continue if you have donated less than two years ago.
  • weigh at least 50 kg and no more than 200 kg. The minimum weigh is due to the amount of blood collected and the maximum due to the carrying capacity of our donation beds.
  • have a Finnish personal identity code.
  • have an official photo ID with you (passport, official identity card) or a driving licence (also mobile driving licence and professional competence card for professional transport is valid). If you don’t have a Finnish personal identity code on your ID you also have to bring an official document to verify it (e.g Kela card, or a certificate from a local register office, Digital and Population Data Services Agency or a tax office). Together they are a valid ID.
  • your blood haemoglobin concentration must be good (at least 125 g/l for women and 135 g/l for men). Your heamoglobin concentration will be measured by us, so you don´t have to know your value in advance.
  • have lived at least for the last three months in Finland or some other EU or EFTA state or in the UK.
  • be capable of filling in the donor’s health questionnaire in Finnish, Swedish or English, and have a short discussion with the nurse on your state of health.

Can you donate?

Bring ID with you

A driving licence, passport, or government-issued ID card is accepted. A mobile driving licence and a professional driver’s qualification card are also accepted as ID.
If the identity document does not contain a Finnish personal identity code, separate proof of your identity code will also be required (such as a Kela card or a certificate from the Local Register Office, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency or a certificate of personal ID code from the Finnish Tax Administration).

How to prepare to donate blood