Scientific Research

Blood Service performs active scientific research. We want to increase biomedical knowledge on our areas of expertise.

Blood Service Biobank

The Blood Service runs its own biobank, and it’s easy to join it as part of blood donation.

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Blood Service Research Fund

The Research Fund of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service awards grants to scientific projects that support the implementation of the Blood Service’s research strategy.

Blood Service Research Fund

Scientific Publications

Research staff at the Blood Service are active producers of topical scientific publications, doctoral dissertations and other academic theses every year.

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Blood donation research

Voluntary blood donors are at the core of all blood banking in Finland. FRCBS takes care of our donors in many ways, also through scientific research.

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Pipetting the biobank sample.

Blood cell research

Studies on red cells and platelets and on blood products derived from these cells are natural part in the Blood Service R&D portfolio.

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A scientist looks through a microscope.

Transplantation Genomics

The research of the blood transfusion, cell, and tissue transplant compatibility serves as the scientific basis shared by all the Blood Service's laboratories.

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A researcher's hand uses tweezers to place a cell vial in a box.

Cell therapy

The focus of our cell therapy research lies in translational cell therapy research, the biology of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells and novel immunotherapies.

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Jan Koski defended his thesis on CAR T cell therapies

Jan Koski, MSc, a project researcher at the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, defended his doctoral thesis on enhancing CAR T cell therapy at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Medicine on Friday 15 December 2023.

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The Blood Service Biobank is studying susceptibility to haemochromatosis

A new pilot project is using samples from donors to investigate susceptibility to haemochromatosis, a disease in which iron accumulates in the body.

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The Finnish Genomics Initiative FinnGen enters its next phase with 52M€ of new funding

The FinnGen research consortium has successfully collected and generated genomic data from 500,000 individuals. Now, the project will continue its search for genetic clues to disease progression and explore the biological mechanism of the genetic signals uncovered in the first stages of the project. In the FinnGen project there's also genome data produced from blood donors in the Blood Service Biobank.

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The Blood Service Research Fund provides support for the development of cell therapy treatments and blood use

This year, the Blood Service Research Fund has decided to award EUR 500,000 in grants to a total of 11 research projects.