Ordering blood components and plasma products

The blood and plasma products are ordered from the Blood Service’s order centre that is open to customers 24/7. The orders can be placed by fax or telephone or via online order service. The customers are requested to always call about urgent orders. Order centre tel. 029 300 1001 (back-up number 050 374 2685) and e-fax 09 454 6245.

Delivery and order schedule

Posti's overnight delivery

The order should be placed at the Blood Service by 2 p.m., in which case the delivery will generally arrive on the next business day by 9 a.m. Delivery of the OctaplasLG® plasma product is usually by 2 p.m.

Matkahuolto's delivery to the bus station

The order should be placed at the Blood Service 2 h before the bus departures from Helsinki Kamppi bus station. The order is delivered to Matkahuolto’s office at the destination. The customer is responsible for arranging transportation from the Matkahuolto office to the blood centre.


The order should be placed at the Blood Service 2 h before the flight departures from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The delivery to the customers blood centre takes place within 2 h of the flight landing by Jetpak.

Pakettipiste's overnight delivery

Blood products can also be delivered via Pakettipiste’s overnight transport. The start of deliveries requires contacting the Blood Service.

Pick-up from Vehkala organized by the customer

As a general rule, the order must placed at the Blood Service one hour before the planned collection time. If the pickup arranged by the customer is used for more urgent deliveries, the driver must prepare to wait for the shipment to be completed.