Stem Cell Registry

Check out the annual report 2023

How did we manage to take care of Finland's blood supply last year? In the Blood Service's new annual report 2023, you will find key figures and statistics, as well as reviews of the most important changes and events of last year.

Record number of patients helped through the Stem Cell Registry

In 2023, as many as 66 volunteers belonging to the Finnish Stem Cell Registry donated stem cells to unknown patients. The number of donations has increased by as much as 53% in a single year, as there were 43 donations in 2022.

FRCBS Annual Report for 2022 published

The Blood Service Annual Report for 2022 has been published. You will find all the key figures and statistics concerning Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and an overview of the most important changes and events that took place last year.

Third time lucky

Roberto first decided to try donating blood during his student days. One of his aims was to overcome his fear of needles, which he successfully did. He also became a stem cell donator.

Henry Liukko-Sipi: Heaven and Hell

Almost four years ago, my wife Kirsti and I were sitting with our 18-month-old daughter, Laina, at the children’s clinic of the Helsinki University Hospital, and my heart was aching more than ever.

Emille received stem cells from his big brother

Emille Nyembo, 2, from Oulu suffers from sickle-cell anaemia that has been treated with red blood cell exchange transfusions and a stem cell transplant. As a result of increased immigration, more and more foreign-born blood donors are also needed in Finland.