Blood donors provide invaluable help even during the summer holidays

Even during the summer holiday period, blood products are needed to steadily treat patients each week. You can donate blood while on holiday, for example in the municipality where your summer cabin is. This summer, the Blood Service will supplement its range of donor refreshments with non-alcoholic Pisara donation beer.

Non-alcoholic Pisara donation beer.

Blood products are essential for the treatment of accident victims, premature babies, mothers giving birth, cancer patients, and surgery patients throughout the year. Each donation maintains a sufficient supply of blood: today’s blood donors will help patients next week.

If you are holidaying or travelling outside of your home town this summer, check the address to find the nearest donation point and visit a new donation point or attend a blood donation event.

Non-alcoholic beer to be included in donor refreshments this summer

This summer, the Blood Service is supplementing its range of donor refreshments with non-alcoholic Pisara donation beer as part of visibility in honour of the Blood Service’s 75th anniversary.

– We want to try out some campaigns to reach new donors. The purpose of offering donors the Pisara donation beer is to provide a summery non-alcoholic beverage alternative to encourage donors to bring a friend with them, for example,” says Marketing Manager Anne Lind from the Blood Service.

Non-alcoholic beer serves as a good recovery drink after blood donation. Donors should ensure that they are well-hydrated before and after donating blood.

The donation beer is a non-alcoholic Kukko lager made by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, designed as the Pisara character, whom blood donors will recognise. The cans of donation beer are available in four different designs. A limited quantity of the beer will be distributed at all blood donation points, as they are a limited edition summer product.

– Enjoy a donation beer alone or with a friend. It’s a good alternative to having a traditional beer out on a terrace, as you can help patients and spend quality time with a friend,” says Anne Lind.

Last modified: 14.06.2023