Who are we looking for

The Blood Service employs mostly health care and laboratory professionals. The largest single occupational group at the Blood Service consists of blood donation nurses. In addition, we employ biomedical laboratory technologists, pharmaceutical assistants, practical nurses, laboratory specialists, doctors, and researchers. Our support services staff includes, among others, experts in commerce, IT, natural sciences, and technical fields.

The Blood Service employees are part of a unique chain of help from donors to patients. Our work is guided by values, such as patient well-being, respecting the donor, dependability, staff well-being, and operational efficiency. With our operations, we do not seek profit, but what is best for the patient.

Collaboration with voluntary blood donors and health care professionals requires that our employees have good co-operation and interaction skills, a strong professional approach to work, and a customer-oriented mindset. In addition, we value active employees who are willing to develop and to improve their work methods and our operations.

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