We will need more blood donors than usual in the next few weeks

In the weeks in which May Day and Ascension Thursday fall, the Blood Service’s locations are only open for four days each week. We need more donors than usual on those days to ensure that we can help patients every day.

A young patient sits on the hospital bed in hospital clothes and looks into the camera.

Right now, it’s important for plenty of blood donors to donate in the next few days and weeks. May is traditionally a challenging month for the Blood Service, as there are several public holidays which mean that donors can only donate on four days a week rather than the normal five. The first two weeks of May are a great time to help patients by donating blood!

In the week of May Day, the Blood Service’s locations are open on Monday 29th April, Tuesday 30th April, Thursday 2nd May, and Friday 3rd May (please check your location’s opening hours). On the 30th of April, the day before May Day, we will close at 5.00pm.

In the following week, in which Ascension Thursday falls, blood donors can donate on Monday 6th May, Tuesday 7th May, Wednesday 8th May, and Friday 10th May. It is not possible to donate on May Day (1.5) or Ascension Thursday (9.5).

Don’t forget, you can also donate plasma or platelets at the Blood Service’s Jumbo-Flamingo location!

Book your blood donation appointment at: https://www.veripalvelu.fi/en/book-an-appointment/ Walk-ins are also welcome if there are any donation slots available.

Last modified: 29.04.2024