The mask recommendation in blood donation is being lifted

The situation with the coronavirus epidemic has eased throughout the country, and face masks are no longer required in public areas except in special cases. Starting from 12 May, the mask recommendation will also be lifted in our blood donation locations.

​We will continue to ensure good hygiene and safe distances in encounters at our blood donation units. The blood donor must still be healthy and not experiencing any flu symptoms. You should also not donate blood, if you have been exposed to the coronavirus, i.e., if you are quarantined or have been recommended to follow a voluntary quarantine to avoid contact with others. The staff at the blood donation units also follow the same principles.

A face mask can still be worn at your discretion. The Blood Service provides a surgical face mask for every blood donor who wants to use one. For those who have insufficient vaccine protection against coronavirus, we recommend using a face mask when in close contact with others.

If a blood donor wishes that the nurse wear a face mask, our employee will wear a mask with the blood donor in question. In addition, if the need arises, Blood Service may reintroduce the use of face masks more widely depending on the situation.

See up-to-date information on coronavirus and blood donation.

Last modified: 01.03.2023