The epidemic affects blood donation – Book an appointment and help patients

​The help of blood donors is needed every weekday, as patients need blood products despite the coronavirus situation. Precautions for blood donation were strengthened in early January. Blood donors are again required to use a face mask.

​The worsening of the COVID-19 epidemic may also affect the number of blood donors. Blood may not be donated while ill or during a quarantine following a coronavirus exposure. An epidemic can also generally reduce the frequency of people moving about very far from home.

“Patients need blood products every day, regardless of the coronavirus situation,” reminds Satu Pastila, Director of Blood Donation Operations at Blood Service.

“We always need to have blood products in stock for several days ahead. For example, platelets used for treating cancer patients are only usable for four days after preparation, and their supply status can fluctuate rapidly. That is why it is important that those aged 18 to 70 who are able to donate blood book an appointment.”

Blood donation currently works primarily by appointment, and appointments can also be booked for dates further in the future, even at a time of three months. Appointments can be booked at If the booked appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, it can be easily done online or by phone.

“Donating blood is an easy way to do good. At the same time, you have the chance to contribute to helping maintain society’s functioning and security of supply,” says Pastila. If you are considering donating blood for the first time, you can easily test your suitability at (also in English).

Safe blood donation

Precautions for blood donation have worked well throughout the entire coronavirus epidemic. There are no known infections from blood donation facilities. The coronavirus is also not transmitted by blood.

At the beginning of the year, the Blood Service has intensified its precautionary measures:

Blood donors are now required to use a face mask
Blood donors may no longer be accompanied to the donation area by children or escorts.
In addition, safety is ensured by, for example, keeping safety distances and practicing enhanced hygiene. Booked appointments also help limit the number of people in the space at the same time. Blood donation events are not public events within the meaning of the law. Ensuring a functioning blood supply is essential in all situations.

Information on all precautions for donating blood and changes in the suitability for donation related to the coronavirus epidemic can be found on the Blood Service’s website.

Book an appointment to blood donation.

Last modified: 28.02.2023