The application period for Blood Service research grants for 2024 is now open

The application period for 2024 grants from the Blood Service Research Fund has opened to researchers. The purpose of the grants is to support research related to current and future Blood Service products and services. The application period is 5 April to 12 May 2024. The maximum amount of the grant is up to €150,000.

A scientist looking into a microscope.

Grants are primarily for scientific projects outside of the Blood Service that support the priorities of the Blood Service’s research strategy:

• The effectiveness of the blood supply chain

• The effectiveness of cell and tissue compatibility

• The development of Blood Service products and services

Projects may include for example blood donation, tissue or cell donation, blood products, cell therapies, transplantation, or tissue compatibility. Applied sciences include for example biopharmaceutical and clinical medicine, the field of technology, and the fields of care, social and health economics.

In 2024, a maximum of €500,000 will be distributed. A minimum of €300,000 has been allocated to studies focused on either strengthening blood donation and the blood supply chain in a changing environment, or alternatively on wide-reaching and multidisciplinary research on blood, cell and organ donors and donation. A large, three-year grant of €150,000 may also be awarded to these research areas.

Funding applications are accepted for research expenses, salaries, a personal grant, or a researcher visit to or from Finland. Grants are awarded for 1ꟷ3 years at a time.

Application instructions and a form can be found here

Applications will be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee. The responsible researchers named in the application will be notified in the autumn of the year of application of decisions made by the Blood Service Board of Directors on the distribution of grants.

Since 2021, the Research Fund’s grants have provided around €500,000 annually in funds for research into blood donation and blood use, as well as research into cell therapies, blood cells and transplants. A list of awarded grants is available here

The Blood Service Research Fund was established by the Finnish Red Cross (FRC), with grants decided on annually by the FRC’s Board of Directors as part of the Blood Service’s budget process. The purpose of the Research Fund is to support the implementation of the Blood Service’s research strategy.

More information is available from:

Jukka Partanen, Research Director, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, tel. +358 29 300 1759

Last modified: 08.04.2024