Summer checklist for blood donors in 2022

In summertime, blood donors are encouraged to take a few important matters into account. Remember to stay hydrated when enjoying the hot weather. In the summer, you can donate blood near your summer cottage or along your holiday trip - blood donors are accepted at all blood donating sites regardless of your domicile. Bear in mind, however, that travelling abroad may prevent you from donating blood temporarily.

We encourage all blood donors to enjoy the summer and continue to donate blood, as patients need blood product every day in the summer, too.

Restrictions on blood donation for European travellers as of 4 July

Normally, travelling within the EU does not prevent blood donation. However, a 28-day blood donation deferral period, starting from the date of return, will be applied to persons travelling or residing in the risk areas of West Nile virus in central and southern Europe during the period between the beginning of July and the end of November.

Travellers visiting (i.e. staying at least 20 hours in) the following areas from 4 July will be subject to a 28-day blood donation deferral period:

Southwest Spain; or areas southwest of the Malaga-Cordoba-Cáceres line (not including these cities)
Italy; not including Rome, Sicily and Sardinia
Eastern parts of Austria; or areas east of the Linz-Graz line (not including these cities), including Vienna
Mainland Greece; including the Peloponnese peninsula and the Island of Evia (Euboia)
Germany; or the northeaster parts east of the Rostock-Leipzig line (not including these cities), including Berlin

Travelling outside the EU/EFTA and the UK is always followed by a 28-day blood donation deferral period.

For country-specific deferral periods, please visit the Blood Service website. More information is also available through the free donor helpline: 0800 05801 (Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00).

Blood donation is safe even during a heatwave

Blood donation is a safe procedure even during a heatwave as long as you keep a few things in mind:

Drink enough water or juice. Make sure you are well hydrated before and after donating blood.
Take it easy! Avoid strenuous physical activity and do not go to sauna on the day of donating blood.

Blood donation events are still arranged every weekday in the summer. If you spend summer in your summer place or travel outside your home town, check the website for the nearest donation location and come and visit a blood donation site that is new to you or a mobile blood collection unit. Blood can be donated across Finland.


Last modified: 06.06.2023