Everyone can help one way or another!

How you can help patients who need a stem cell transplant:

  1. Join the Stem Cell Registry and volunteer as a stem cell donor.
  2. Donate blood. Every patient who needs a stem cell transplant also needs other blood products as part of their treatment.
  3. Encourage others! People join the registry because of awareness and encouragement. Talk to your friends and family about it.
  4. Tell your story. Genuine experiences and real situations help people understand why voluntary stem cell donors are needed. Post on social media or let us do it for you! (see contact form below)
  5. Spread awareness. Unfortunately, few people in Finland have heard of the Stem Cell Registry. We want to thank everyone who spreads awareness by doing things like sharing the Blood Service’s social media posts!
  6. Organise a campaign. Organise a campaign at your workplace or school or within your hobby circle. Order brochures and materials for your campaign here.

Share your story

Our sincerest thanks go to anyone who shares their own stem cell transplant experiences. Real stories about stem cell transplant recipients and their loved ones are the best way to motivate more people to volunteer for stem cell donation! We post stories on the Blood Service’s social media channels, website and magazine. You can write freely about your experiences; we will help you edit the text if needed. Alternatively, you can send us a brief introduction to yourself along with your contact details, and we may be able to organise an interview.

Donate to the Stem Cell Registry

Donations will be used for purposes such as tissue typing and procurement of saliva sampling materials.

Account: FI29 5000 0120 4156 99

Please note! In order to ensure the correct allocation of your donation:
Enter “Donation to the Stem Cell Registry” in the message field, along with your name. Also enter reference number 5526 in the reference field.

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