Try giving blood

Most of us can donate blood. Come and try it out!

A man sitting at blood donation and smiling to the camera.

Finland needs more blood donors. Most of us could try out giving blood, but only 3.5% of us currently donate blood. Blood donors provide vital assistance to patients, as blood products are needed by victims of accidents, cancer patients, and mothers in labour, just to name a few examples.

What’s in it for you?

  • Find out your haemoglobin levels
  • Find out your blood group
  • Coffee and snacks
  • A moment of calm and a good mood because you helped others

Here’s how you do it

  • Allow about an hour for donation
  • Eat and drink normally on the day of donation
  • Take photo ID with you (your driving licence is fine!)
  • If you feel nervous, tell one of our nurses
  • Everything is better with company, so ask a friend to come with you!

Who can donate?

You can probably donate blood if:

  •  You are 18 or over. In Finland, the oldest age at which you can give blood for the first time is 59.
  •  You weigh between 50 and 199 kilograms.
  •  You are in good overall health. Most diseases and medications do not prevent you from giving blood. The following, among others, are not prohibited: Antihypertensives, cholesterol medications or tablet-treated diabetes.


How do you prepare for donating blood?

You don’t need to know your blood type or have blood tests beforehand. Welcome as you are!

Preparing for blood donation

What happens in blood donation?

Read how blood is donated and what happens at the blood donation site.

How to donate blood

Do you need help? Want more information? Call us!