Over 58 000 persons have joined the Blood Service Biobank

The Blood Service’s valuable Biobank, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary, already contains information on over 58,000 blood donors. Samples collected through blood donation lay the foundation for research focusing on disease prevention and identification of disease mechanisms.

“We want to thank all those voluntary blood donors who have joined the Biobank and who are helping patients both now and in the future”, says the Blood Service’s Research Director Jukka Partanen.

For example, with the help of samples from persons who have joined the Biobank, the Blood Service’s researchers have developed a new method which utilises the donors’ genomic data. This method makes it possible to find suitable blood donors for patients who need specifically typed blood products.

“The Biobank is at the heart of the Blood Service’s own research, which specialises in research pertaining to blood transfusion treatments and blood donation. It also provides valuable samples for many research projects, including those led by universities. Projects focus on areas such as cell therapy and investigating the hereditary basis of common diseases in Finland,” Partanen says.


Last modified: 16.03.2023