Legislative amendment to affect the operations of the Blood Service Biobank

The act regulating the operations of biobanks will change at the beginning of 2024. No new members will be able to join the Blood Service Biobank during January-February 2024.

Person holding biobank sample tubes.

The Biobank Act has been updated to correspond to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and other current legislation.

The legislative amendment will not require any action from blood donors who have already joined  the Blood Service Biobank, and biobank samples will be collected normally. We will continue to process samples carefully in accordance with the law and strict data security principles.

The legislative changes require forms to be renewed, among other things. Due to the ongoing renewal of forms, it will not be possible to join the Blood Service Biobank in January-February 2024. Blood donors will be able to join again starting from 1 March 2024.

During the break it will still be possible to withdraw a previous consent to the Biobank and submit requests for information. If you wish to withdraw your prior consent to the Biobank during January-February, please contact the Blood Service Biobank by emailing biobank(at)veripalvelu.fi. If you wish to submit a request for information, you can do so through our website.

If you are donating blood during January-February and you are interested in joining the Biobank, let the donation staff know and you will be offered the option to join the Biobank the next time you donate blood.

Last modified: 24.01.2024