Emergency blood supplies are running low – O negative blood donors are needed urgently

Recently, the need for O negative emergency blood has been much higher than normal and supplies have fallen alarmingly. The Blood Service is appealing to all those whose blood group is O negative to come forward and donate.

O negative blood is referred to as emergency blood because it can be given to patients when there is no time to determine the patient’s own blood group. It can be given in cases of accidents, for example. In an emergency, a single patient may need up to tens of O negative blood products.

O negative blood supplies are running alarmingly low. O negative persons are therefore needed to donate blood today and during the next few days to ensure patient care in all situations.

Blood donors for other blood groups are also needed every working day. If you do not know your own blood group, now is a good time to try blood donation and find out! If you have a close relative who is O negative, it is more likely that your blood group is also emergency blood.

  • You can book a blood donation appointment here. You can also visit a blood donation site without booking an appointment and ask if there are available appointments.
  • You can check your blood donation eligibility with a quick Can I Donate -test.
  • Find the closest blood donation site here.
Last modified: 23.02.2023