Blood Service customer survey for first-time donors: Over 91% of new donors have an excellent customer experience

The Blood Service investigates donors’ customer experiences each year. Last year, almost 3200 first-time donors from all over Finland responded to the survey. According to the results, new blood donors have an excellent customer experience.

Up to 99.4% of the respondents were at least somewhat satisfied with their experience, and over 91% were extremely satisfied. In particular, the donors praised the good care received during blood donation, the professionalism of the staff, and the quality of the discussion before donation.

“Before each donation, in addition to the haemoglobin measurement, the donor and the blood donation attendant have a discussion based on the health questionnaire. As the discussion is about personal health issues, it is very gratifying that donors feel heard and that they receive answers and explanations to their questions. It is entirely normal and natural to be nervous when you give blood for the first time. It’s great that our staff can gain the donor’s trust and often make them feel less nervous,” says Liisa Romo, customer manager for blood donation.

Around half a per cent of the first-time donors who responded to the survey felt that the customer experience did not meet their expectations, and over 100 donors suggested things that would have made their customer experience better. Various suggestions for improvement were given, such as better guidance for first-time donors in the different stages of donation, the accuracy of appointment times, and customer service.

“Donors can be very disappointed, and this makes the customer experience worse, especially in situations where, for example, the donation is not technically successful. This is perfectly understandable, because the survey shows that the main reasons donors come to give blood is to help patients,” Romo says.

Other important reasons why donors came to donate blood was the desire to know their own blood group, as well as encouragement from a friend.

“It’s great that many blood donors encourage their friends and family to donate. We would like to thank everyone who advocates for blood donation,” says Romo.

Almost all respondents (99.5%) intended to donate blood again. The Blood Service hopes that as many donors as possible will come again. Approximately 40,000 patients in Finland need blood every year.

Last modified: 11.04.2023