Blood donors are set for starring role at the Åbo Svenska Teater on 3 March 2022

The main stage of Åbo Svenska Teater will play host to a blood donation event on Thursday 3 March (12.00-18.00). After a break of a couple of years, the event is now being held for the fifth time.

​“The COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately forced us to cancel the event last year, which has fast become a local tradition. Thankfully, now that restrictions have been lifted, the blood drive can once again take centre stage – showing that life will always find a way!” says Maria Olin, spokesperson for Åbo Svenska Teater, Turku’s Swedish-speaking theatre.

To mark this special occasion, the theatre hall hosting the drive will be beautifully lit and accompanying music will add to the pleasant atmosphere throughout the event. Once donors have given blood, they may enjoy a refreshing coffee and take in a range of presentations. Access to the main stage, where the donations will be collected, is granted directly from the Hansa Shopping Centre.

Willing blood donors can even enter into a surprise raffle, with the winners being announced during the event itself. Those giving blood at the theatre will also have the opportunity to book advance tickets for Åbo Svenska Teater’s upcoming large-scale production, a musical theatre performance of Dracula, which will grace the main stage next autumn. Tickets will go on sale a week after the blood drive.

“The theatre blood drive is the only full day of the year we close our Turku office to take in the landscape elsewhere,” says Pekka Kukko, Regional Manager of the Blood Service Turku.

“If you can’t get to the theatre, we are open every weekday at Kivikukkaro, which can be found at 29 Yliopistonkatu in Turku,” Kukko continues.

Both new and returning blood donors are welcome to attend. First time blood donors must be aged 18-59, with returning donors able to continue until they turn 70.

You can quickly check your eligibility to give blood with Can I Donate -online test.
Book an appointment to blood donation here. Appointment to the event is not necessary.
The blood products made from donated blood help people involved in accidents, expectant mothers when giving birth, and patients undergoing surgery and treatments for diseases such as cancer, for example. The help of 800 blood donors is needed every day.

Last modified: 28.02.2023