Donate blood during working hours

The new Workplace certificate is a concrete way to help patients and demonstrate social responsibility.

Test if you can donate

Take a quick online test to find out whether you can donate blood or stem cells.

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Health questionnaire for blood donors

Please complete the electronic health questionnaire on the day of your appointment or, at the earliest, on the day before.

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Stem Cell Registry

A stem cell transplant is the last hope for a cure for blood cancer patients. More members are needed.

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The biobank of blood donors helps to develop treatments for various diseases. You can join the biobank when donating blood.

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Blood donation eligibility requirements

Read about the basic requirements and most common restrictions for donating blood.

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The Finnish Genomics Initiative FinnGen enters its next phase with 52M€ of new funding

The FinnGen research consortium has successfully collected and generated genomic data from 500,000 individuals. Now, the project will continue its search for genetic clues to disease progression and explore the biological mechanism of the genetic signals uncovered in the first stages of the project. In the FinnGen project there's also genome data produced from blood donors in the Blood Service Biobank.

Lifesavers' League logo.
Blood donation

The fifth season of the Lifesavers' League is about to start

Will Jokerit face off against series leader TUTO Hockey? The fifth season of the Lifesavers' League, organised by Mestis Hockey and the Finnish Blood Service, will begin on 21.9.2023. This year, a new challenger will enter the blood donation competition as Jokerit will be joining for the first time.

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The Blood Service Research Fund provides support for the development of cell therapy treatments and blood use

This year, the Blood Service Research Fund has decided to award EUR 500,000 in grants to a total of 11 research projects.

Blood donation

The Blood Service is bringing out certification for workplaces that allow blood donation during working hours

The Blood Service’s new workplace certification is a new way in which workplaces can contribute to societal goals. The certificate is awarded to businesses that allow their employees to donate blood during working hours.

Cells for life

Safe products and services for the benefit of patients.

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Blood Service performs active scientific research. We want to increase biomedical knowledge on our areas of expertise.

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