Translational cell therapy research & Process development

Successful development and implementation of cell therapies is a combination of research, process development, and manufacturing. The vision of the Advanced Cell Therapy Centre is to establish itself as a translational research and cell manufacturing hub for clinical, academic, or industrial partners.

Translation covers all the steps needed to move from the bench to the clinic. Translational research is filling in the gaps of needed critical information of the cells and cell production method in question, for instance what concerns the correlation between cell functionality and the production method. Our translational research activities include process development and pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo studies to gain proof-of-concept and safety data. Through clinical collaboration, we also contribute to studies on the therapeutic safety and efficacy.

We carry out process development to continuously improve the production methods and cell products and to deepen the current understanding of cell manufacturing. The range of cell therapy products is broad, from simple cell suspensions directly isolated from tissues to cultured and even genetically modified products. Thus, we prepare ourselves also for future cell therapy needs through active research on different product types and technical platforms.

Our current projects: