It will not be possible to donate blood on Independence Day

The Blood Service will be closed on 6 December for Independence Day. Holidays that fall on weekdays increase the need for blood donors on other days of the month as patients still need blood products regardless of the holidays.

Every week, we need the help of almost 4000 blood donors. Blood can only be donated on weekdays. For this reason, we encourage blood donors to donate more actively on the days around midweek holidays. For example, platelets, which are important for many cancer patients, only last for a few days after donation.

In early December, the week on which Independence Day falls is a critical week for blood donations. Blood donation sites will be closed for Independence Day on Wednesday 6 December.

Because of this, we urge donors to donate blood on the four working days of week 49 (4–10 December). During those four days, we need to collect as much blood as in a five-day week.

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