Travelling and living abroad can affect when you can donate blood.

  • Blood donors must have lived in Finland, another EU or EFTA country, or the UK for at least three months.
  • During the epidemic season of the West Nile virus 1.7.–30.11. (over 20 hours’ stay) in parts of Central and Southern Europe, travel is subject to a 28-day waiting period for donating blood starting from the return date. Search for a country by name.
  • Travelling outside the EU/EFTA countries and the United Kingdom incurs a deferral of at least 28 days.
  • Visiting an area with a risk of malaria results in a six-month deferral. Read more about malaria and blood donation.
  • An airport layover (of less than 20 hours) during which you do not leave the airport area will not incur a deferral.

The risk of infection increases with the duration and distance of the trip. The further away you are from your familiar environment, and the longer your stay, the greater the risk of contracting infections that do not occur in Finland. Some of these infections may cause very minor or no symptoms at all in the donor, but they may pose a risk to the recipient of the blood product.

Check whether your next donation will be subject to a deferral after your trip. Search for a country by name.

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