Can I use an interpreter during blood donation?

The use of an interpreter is possible only in case of sensory disability or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – when the donor has an independent official interpreter available for his or her use.

A visually impaired person may be accompanied by a personal assistant, but the donor and the Blood Service nurse fill in the health status form together.

The safety of the blood donor and blood products is very important and therefore it is necessary that the donor understands what the Blood Service staff are communicating and vice versa.

Every donor must have the opportunity to independently fill in the health questionnaire and have the interview discussion with a Blood Service nurse. For these reasons, we have very precise requirements concerning language skills and the use of an interpreter. The blood donor must have good enough command of Finnish, Swedish or English to be able to understand the content of the information package distributed to blood donors and fill in the health questionnaire. In the interview, difficult points can be supplemented together with a nurse from the Blood Service.