Customer survey: Healthcare professionals have strong trust in the Blood Service

Healthcare professionals' trust in the Blood Service's products and services and in its ability to manage security of supply for blood products has remained at an excellent level even during periods of exceptional circumstances. The feedback from hospitals shows particular appreciation for the Blood Service’s excellent customer service, its ability to help with problems, and the training it offers.

We asked our hospital customers where we succeeded and how we can provide even better service in the future. The customer survey was answered by representatives of hospital blood centres, treatment units, administration, and management. Responses were received from all over the country (N=98) and the response rate was 29 per cent. The survey was conducted from November to December 2023.

Customers hoped for more development of electronic connections and variety in the training offered. The need was also identified for a national blood transfusion database, which would make patient-critical blood transfusion data available to all hospitals. The survey also revealed that hospitals should improve their preparedness for exceptional circumstances in the blood supply chain.

 We will use the results from the survey and the feedback to develop our services.

Customer survey results

Average (scale 4-10)
I trust the Blood Service’s products and services 9.9
The feedback I give to the Blood Service is processed efficiently 9.4
I have sufficient knowledge about blood products and their properties 9.3
It is easy to obtain expert consultation from the Blood Service in the event of a problem 9.6
It is easy to find the necessary information in laboratory tests* 9.0
I receive good service when I call the Blood Service Blood Supply Centre* 9.6
I receive good service when I call the Blood Service’s blood group laboratory* 9.5
I receive good service when I call the Blood Service’s Blood Safety Office* 9.6
I am pleased with the collaboration with the Blood Service 9.7
Last modified: 22.01.2024