Join the Blood Service Biobank

Your sample can help change the world! By joining the Biobank, you can do your part to promote health in the future and support research activities.


The Biobank collects samples and data for scientific research and product development. Participation in biobanking is voluntary and refusing it does not affect your status as a blood donor.

How to join the Biobank

You can easily join the Blood Service Biobank when donating blood. Only a blood donor can join the Blood Service Biobank, because joining requires the creation of a donor number in the blood service system. Once you have joined you can still be a member of the biobank even if for some reason you are no longer able to donate blood.

You can join the Blood Service Biobank by signing the Consent and Acceptance Form which you receive from the blood donation staff. Please make sure to read the first the Biobank’s declaration for the sample donor.

You can return your Consent and Acceptance Form to the staff or send it directly to the Biobank. The Consent and Acceptance will be valid until further notice.

Deposit your unique gift in the Blood Service Biobank

After giving your Biobank Consent and Acceptance, a biobank sample (one 4 ml blood sample tube) will be taken. Biobank samples are mainly taken in connection with blood donation along with blood group and viral test samples, and sampling does not require a separate needle stick. Taking the biobank sample will not affect the duration of your blood donation, the total amount of blood donated, or your future blood donations.

Biobank samples can also be taken in connection with future blood donations. We will always let you know which samples are taken in connection with the blood donation. The sample deposited in the Biobank can be a blood sample, but also a blood product, or a part of it that cannot be used in the treatment of patients. Samples previously taken by the Blood Service in connection with blood donation and related information can also be transferred to the Biobank, if necessary.

Research results “increase interest”

The Biobank releases samples and related data only for carefully evaluated biobank research in accordance with the operating principles and values of the Blood Service, while safeguarding the donor’s privacy.

The sample-specific data obtained from the research (research results) is returned to the Biobank and thus increases the “interest” for the data attached to the sample. After this, the data or samples obtained from the research can be used again in new research.

Infographic about joining the Blood Service Biobank.
How the biobank works: 1. A donor signs the biobanking consent and acceptance form. 2. A nurse collects your samples when you attend for a blood donation. 3. The Blood Service stores your samples and data. 4. The samples and data are then made available to researchers. 5. Research data is then returned to the biobank for use in subsequent research. 6. Medical science and treatment practices both benefit.

Processing of samples and data in the Blood Service Biobank

You can read here how the biobank materials are stored and processed.

Processing of samples and data in the Biobank

Biobank research

You can read here how the biobank materials help to develop for example new forms of treatment for serious diseases.

Biobank research
Blood Service Biobank

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