Plasma-derived products

The Blood Service provides octaplasLG®, which is a medicinal product manufactured by Octapharma. Veripalvelu®-IgA deficiency plasma can be ordered for patients with IgA deficiency and anti-IgA antibodies.


OctaplasLG®, manufactured by Octapharma, is a medicinal product. The marketing authorization holder is Octapharma Ab.

SPC in Finnish - Pharmaca Fennica®

Veripalvelu®-IgA deficiency plasma

The donor of the IgA deficiency plasma product has IgA deficiency. The product is intended for use in patients with IgA deficiency and anti-IgA antibodies. It is recommended to consult a physician at the Blood Service as early as possible when considering transfusing blood products for a patient with IgA deficiency.

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Rules for plasma transfusions

Remember that when transfusing plasma, the ABO rules are the opposite of those for red blood cell products.