Basic mission and values

Our core values are patient well-being, respect for donors, reliability, working community well-being and operational efficiency.

Patient well-being

The aim of our operations is always the well-being of patients. We help our clients – healthcare professionals – to succeed in the treatment of patients.

Respect for donors

Voluntary donors are partners in the chain through which the Blood Service provides its help. We value donors and their gift and want to provide a channel through which they can help patients.


We earn trust and nurture good quality by applying clear, consistent practices. We exercise good corporate governance and transparent communications.

Working community well-being

We seek to develop our personnel’s well-being to achieve optimal results in our operations. We want to ensure that our personnel consider the Blood Service a good place to work, a place where they can succeed and where they enjoy their work while being supported in continuous development.

Operational efficiency

We continually develop our operations to make them run more smoothly for the benefit of health care. We operate in a cost-effective manner.