Markku wanted – looking for real-life supermen to donate blood

More men are needed as blood donors. The Blood Service’s new campaign video highlights real-life supermen. If the number of men donating blood were to rise to the same level as that of women, it would strengthen the reliability of blood supply.

A man lending his arm after blood donation.

At present, about 40% of blood donors are men. Blood donated by men and women is equally important and helps patients in the same way, but men are able to donate blood more often than women. Donation does not have as strong of an effect on their iron stores.

“For example, approximately 2,000 more donors of the emergency blood type, O negative, are needed than currently visit the Blood Service each year. The problem would be solved if the number of O negative men donating blood rose to the same level as the number of women”, says Satu Pastila, Director, Blood Donation.

The Blood Service’s new campaign features ‘Markku’ as the main character. The idea for the concept came from thinking about what kind of men come to donate blood. The answer: mostly ordinary and responsible ‘Markku’ types, the genuine real-life heroes keeping society afloat. Markku is a common male name in Finland.

“The new campaign video addresses every ‘Markku’ of their own life by creating a sympathetic and, for Finnish tastes, self-deprecating tribute to being responsible and rational. After all, donating blood is usually both”, says Anne Lind, Marketing Manager at the Blood Service.

The video was created by Videolle Productions Oy.

Blood donation in a nutshell

  • You can start donating blood between the ages of 18 and 59. Those who have previously donated blood can continue to do so until the age of 70.
  • Most Finnish people can donate blood. You can check if you can be a donor at
  • Blood can be donated at ten Blood Service units and at donation events across Finland. See your nearest location here.
  • An appointment for blood donation can be made at the Blood Service website.
  • The blood products made from donated blood are used to treat, for example, mothers giving birth, premature babies, cancer patients and accident victims. Treatment with blood products can be life-saving.

Watch the video: Markku – a real-life genuine superman

Last modified: 30.03.2023