Restricted mobility access (wheelchair users)

​Wheelchair users can donate blood if they are able to move on and off the donor bed, either independently or with the help of their own assistant (blood is donated in a semi-seated position). For security reasons, our staff will not assist with mobility.

All of our fixed locations are accessible and can be accessed by wheelchair users. If you are arriving at a mobile Blood Service donation point for the first time, please check accessibility in advance by calling the free information number for blood donors on 0800 0 5801 (Mon to Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Donor beds at fixed donation points: height from floor to seat 65cm. The beds have fixed armrests that can be moved laterally (but are not detachable).

Mobile Blood Service donor beds: height from floor to seat 53cm, and the beds have a foot rest at a height of approx. 68 cm. The height of the armrests can be adjusted or lowered, or the armrests can be completely detached when moving onto the donor bed.