Here you will find answers to the most common questions related to blood donation, the Stem Cell Registry and the Blood Service.

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Donor app

Can I download the app if I haven't donated blood?

Absolutely! The app will direct you to the Donor eligibility test. You’ll see information about your visit and your blood group once you have donated blood for the first time.

If your blood group was already known when you gave blood, you will be able to see it in the app.

Donor app

Is the app data-secure?

The mobile application is data-secure in terms of its technical solutions and it is based on Flutter technology. An external data security company carried out a data security audit of both the app and its technical environment in spring 2023. The app does not use cookies.

Donor app

Is the app only available in Finnish?

For the time being, the application is only available in Finnish. We intend to publish English and Swedish versions of the app at a later date.

Donor app

Who can see my data in the app?

You will be able to see your own data when you log in to the service using strong identification, i.e. your personal online banking credentials.

If you have already donated blood, you will be able to see data from the blood donor register maintained by the Blood Service. Access to the Donor App’s personal data file is restricted by means of user accounts to those who need to access the data on the blood donor data file in order to perform their duties.

The application also collects data on possible errors or crashes. This data does not identify the user and is sent to the application developers to correct any recurring technical errors.

Donor app

Will the app notify me of any abnormal results from viral tests?

For the time being, the app does not receive information about the results of viral tests performed on donated blood. We always contact the donor personally about abnormal donor test results.

Donor app

Will the app remind me about my next appointment?

The application will tell you the next possible donate that you can donate, but in the initial phase, it will not remind users to donate. In the future, the aim is to develop the app so that the user receives a reminder of their upcoming donation if they have enabled notifications.