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Post-doctoral and pre-doctoral scientist for research project linked to Natural Killer cell therapy in the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Helsinki, Finland.

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, together with University hospitals of Helsinki and Turku, has started a project aiming to Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy for e.g. relapse of malignant diseases after stem cell transplantation. We are now looking for a post-doctoral scientist and pre-doctoral scientist to a research project supporting the therapy approach. The primary goals are related to identification of preferential patient groups for NK therapy and molecular characterization of NK cell product.

We assume good skills in immune cells and data-analysis. The positions can be fulfilled immediately and are primarily funded by the state VTR-funding and by the Cancer Foundation (Syöpäsäätiö). Post-doctoral position will be initially for two years and pre-doctoral for one year and may be extended depending on funding.

Please send your application, including a short CV, by February 15th via this link.

For more information, please contact Erja Kerkelä (erja.kerkela@veripalvelu.fi) or Jukka Partanen (jukka.partanen@veripalvelu.fi).

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is a non-profit organisation responsible for collecting blood and supplying blood products all over Finland in a centralised manner, with the annual turnover of about 65 million €. The FRC Blood Service provides all histocompatibility testing for clinical transplantation in Finland and has active programs in cell therapy; for example, it has produced therapeutic MSC-cells to over 60 patients. We have a research budget of over 3 million €, with the focus areas in cell therapies, blood donors and genomics of transplantation. Over 60 PhD theses have been completed in the Blood Service and every year 20-30 peer reviewed scientific papers are published by our scientists.