Withdrawal of Biobank consent

Consent for biobanking is voluntary and is valid until withdrawn. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

You can withdraw your consent by submitting a completed and signed withdrawal notification (pdf) to the Biobank. You can submit the withdrawal notification by post or to the blood donation centre. Your biobanking consent withdrawal takes effect once the Biobank has received it.

Once your consent has been withdrawn, your samples and data will no longer be used in new research projects. However, consent withdrawal does not apply to material already released by the Biobank for purposes of biobank research.

Consent withdrawal does not necessarily mean your biobank samples or data will be destroyed. The storage of samples and data used in research may be necessary to confirm the accuracy of the research results.

Withdrawal of consent will have no effect on your status as a blood donor.


How the Biobank data is processed

The data and samples held by the Biobank are processed and stored with strict respect for privacy.

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